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This page features assorted herbs cooking crafted by the Backyard Patch.  More than 100 different combinations for cooking and grilling are included here.  The HERB MIXES for dips, dressings and such will be located on an additional page soon, but for now they are at the bottom so scroll DOWN!

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All our herb blends are crafted from herbs raised ourselves and have no chemicals, preservatives or pesticides.  We know you will enjoy the flavors and tastes created to give you the full enjoyable potential of herbs.  We have a shelf-life few can match. 

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  • DO-IT-ALL Seasoning - Crafted to go with absolutely everything.  You can add it to soups, stews, casseroles (about 1 teaspoon per serving).  Dredge meats in it before roasting or broiling.  Season salad or mix with butter to season fresh steamed vegetables.  Contains: basil, chives, coriander, lavender, lemon peel, marjoram, tarragon, oregano, parsley, rosemary, fennel, garlic, sage, thyme, savory, allspice, and ginger.
  • Fines Herbes -- This traditional French blend is great addition to almost any dish with mild flavors that truly enhance.  Very good with potatoes (boiled, mashed, or baked) as a sprinkle or added to butter or sour cream.  Adds zest to omelets, soups, fish, butters and vegetables.  Contains: chives, tarragon, chervil and parsley.
  • Herbs de Provence - This traditional blend of the Provence region of France is hearty and robust. It is best with tomato and potato dishes. Also good on lamb.  Gives a pungent flavor to marinaded or grilled meats.  Mix 1 tablespoon to 1/2 cup oil or vinegar to create a marinade.  Contains: lavender, marjoram, oregano, rosemary, fennel, & thyme.
  • Italian Seasoning - Good on any style of Italian food as well as tomato dishes and soups with vegetables or tomatoes.  Add about 1 Tablespoon to a quart of spaghetti sauce about 15 minutes before serving for perfect flavoring.  Can also be used as a meat rub or with olive oil for pasta toss or bread dip.  Contains: marjoram, oregano, basil and thyme.
  • Meat Seasoning -- Good on all types of meat and poultry.  Great when roasting or broiling with a touch of onion or garlic.  Add along with a bay leaf to flavor pot roast.  Mix 1 tablespoon with 1/2 cup orange juice and 1/4 cup yellow mustard for a pork marinade. Contains: marjoram, tarragon, oregano, rosemary, sage, thyme, basil, savory.
  • Pickling Spice -- This unique blend combines Herbs de Provence with traditional pickling spices.  It can be used to make traditional as well as refrigerator pickles along with being a great brine for pork roast and a seasoning for vegetables. Use about 1 to 2 Tbls. in a pint jar, then add your veggies and vinegar /salt mixture as usual.  This mix comes with recipes for refrigerator vegetable pickles.
  • Pizza Pie Shaker Blend -- This blend of sweet basil and oregano with the zesty edge of garlic and cayenne is accented with thyme and fennel creating a perfect seasoning for any pizza.  Shake it onto store bought frozen pizza or your favorite carry-out.  It is also a great seasoning for vegetables, salads, fish, pasta sauce or anything else that can use an Italian-like zip. Comes packaged in a shaker jar.
  • Poultry Seasoning -- Good as a rub on baked or roasted chicken.  Sprinkle or rub on roasted chicken or mix with lemon juice and use as a baste.  Add to stuffing or any poultry-based casseroles.  Blend 2 Tablespoons with 1/2 cup herbal or cider vinegar to marinade chicken overnight.  Contains: marjoram, parsley, sage, savory, black pepper and onion.  
  • Rainbow Soup Blend Seasoning - A versatile blend that can be added to any soup recipe as a great flavor enhancer.  It also is the perfect seasoning for cooked vegetables, casseroles and canned soups.  You can even use it to create a meat marinade by adding 1 tablespoon to 1/2 cup herbal or cider vinegar and 1/4 cup olive oil.  Use 1 to 2 Tbls. in the average soup recipe for an explosion of flavor with no added calories.  Use the recipe above to create a marinade for beef, chicken or pork and use with lemon juice on fish.  Contains: parsley, thyme, marjoram, chervil, basil, sage, savory and lemon.
  • Seafood Seasoning -- Use on baked, broiled, fried or grilled fish.  Add to batter for a tasty fried fish.  Mix with bread crumbs for a fish or shell fish breading.  Also great in soups and chowders.  Contains: basil, chervil, marjoram, tarragon, and parsley.
  • Soup & Salad Seasoning -- Sprinkle on bland commercial soup.  Use to enhance diet soups without added calories.  Any homemade stock can be flavored by adding 1 tablespoon per quart.  Great in meat and vegetable sauces, stews and wonderful on homemade Swiss steak.  Sprinkle on any type of salad, including coleslaw, pasta, and bean salads.  Contains: basil, chervil, lemon peel, marjoram, parsley, rosemary, thyme, savory and celery seed.  
  • Vegetable Seasoning -- Sprinkle on steamed or cooked vegetables.  Add to any vegetable-rich goulash, stew or casserole.  Blend with butter and use on cooked vegetables as a topping.  Use 2 tablespoons blend with 1/4 cup vinegar and 1/2 cup olive or canola oil for a salad splash.  Contains: basil, marjoram, oregano, sage & thyme. 




 Our classic salt substitute blends with a new "twist."  They come in a grinder topped jar.  You receive a great combination of flavorful herbs that can grind right into dishes as you cook, or onto a completed meal just like salt or pepper grinders.  You also receive the nice long shelf-life associated with Backyard Patch herb blends.  These grinders also release the wonderful aroma of the herbs as they work! 

  1.  Herby Salt Substitute
  2. Savory Salt Substitute
  3. Oniony Salt Substitute
  4. Spicy Salt Substitute (NEWEST!)

Each Grinder Jar is re-fillable, so you can save the jar and help the environment.  They sell for $4.75 with refills priced at $3.50

Gourmet Herbed SEA SALT


I craft most of my blends to be salt-free for those with dietary restrictions, but recently discovered rock sea salt and found that if you blend it with herbs you get wonderful flavors and long shelf-life because you leave the salt and herbs whole.  As a beef seasoning these are at their best and you grind them as you need them.  Using the same grinder jars I use for my Herbal Salt Substitutes these seas salt blends are available separately for $4.75 in a jar and $3.50 as a refill.


  1. Yellow Gourmet Salt has dry mustard, garlic, oregano, marjoram, thyme, my own hand-blended curry, onion, celery seed and dill.  It has a strong savory flavor and is good on meats, poultry and grilled items.
  2. Red Gourmet Salt is a blend for soups and vegetables, which is also good on meats.  It contains parsley, onion, sage, marjoram and paprika.
  3. Spicy Gourmet Salt a hint of heat with your salt makes this perfect for summer grilling of meats, vegetables and potatoes.  Blend has cumin, cardamom, coriander, cloves, cinnamon, and chilies.   
  4. Lemon Thyme Gourmet Salt - this combination of lemon peel, thyme and other spices is a great rub for meats and seasoning for soups.
  5. Lavender Gourmet Salt - a perfect combination of lavender buds and sea salt that is perfect to season meats and sprinkle instead of plain salt.
  6. Provence Gourmet Salt - this blend of rock sea salt and Herbs de Provence, brings salt, lavender, rosemary and other savory tastes all together in a perfect grinder of fun.
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Special Herb Seasoning

Olive Oil Dipping Sauce - This blend of Italian herbs comes specially packaged in a decorative muslin bag.  It has a blend of basil, parsley, oregano and garlic that makes a perfect bread dip for crusty bread with olive oil or a toss with pasta you can serve hot or cold.  It comes wrapped in cellophane with recipes and tips and makes an excellent gift.

Olive Oil Dipping $4.75

Herb Seasonings

Blend Name
Blend Name


Our Herb Mixes for making dressings, dips, sauces, rubs and marinades now number over 45 varieties.  We have presented them here in alphabetical order.  Use the drop down under each grouping to purchase the mix you desire. We also have some Herb Mixes grouped with discount pricing.  See those listings on our Herbs for Special uses page.

BEST SELLING BLENDS -- Some of our best sellers are perfect for entertaining, so we have moved them to the top of the list.  All others are listed alphabetically:
  •  Beauy Monde - A no-salt adaptation of the original Beau Monde seasoning that is great in sauces and on poultry, meat and vegetables. As versatile as the original you can even use it to make dips. 
  • Butter 'n' Cheese This medley of seven herbs creates a great herbal butter, vegetable topping or cream cheese spread. Wonderful on chicken.
  • Marcy's Dill Dip This mix makes a superb party dip, just mix with mayonnaise and sour cream. Even tastes great with yogurt or low fat sour cream!
  • Ranch Dressing/Dip A nice blend of herbs that creates both a ranch dressing with buttermilk or a dip for vegetables and chips with sour cream and mayonnaise.
  • Italian Dressing/Marinade Makes both a salad dressing and a marinade for beef or chicken. Perfect alternative to store-bought mixes, as it contains no preservatives.
  • Garlic & Herb Combination Mix with oil or butter for topping toasted bread or pizza. Create a vegetable pasta or brushetta with recipes included.

    Best Selling Herb Mixes

    • BarBeQue Spice Blend - This blend allows you to craft a nice spicy sauce with simple in-the-kitchen ingredients that no one will recognize when you are finished.  Blend this spice mix with ketchup and olive oil for a perfect sauce or mix with citrus juices or vinegar for a marinade or use simply as a rub.
    • Bean Soup Mix (#CBSM) -- Create a flavorful Bean soup using our recipe or use this unique blend of chopped onion and herbs to season your favorite winter recipe.
    • Beauy Monde - A no-salt adaptation of the original Beau Monde Seasoning from Spice Island.  It is great in sauces, and on poultry, meat and vegetables. Contains: allspice, nutmeg, mace, bay, cloves, and other spices.  
    • Bouquet Garni (#CBGM) --  The classic soup and stew blend packaged for ease of use.  The mixture comes in four ready-to-use cloth bags you just drop into food while it is cooking and remove when finished - no mess!  This traditional seasoning is good in soups, stews, casseroles, or other cooked dishes.  Leave the mixture inside the bag during cooking and remove before serving.  Now you don't have to pick out the bay leaves, also has parley, thyme and sage!
    • Boursin Cheese Blend (#CBCM) -- This classic French specialty can be used fresh or frozen on crackers or vegetables and can even create an alfredo sauce.

      Herb Mixes begining w/B $2.35


Our Herb Mixes for making dressings, dips, sauces, rubs and marinades now number over 45 varieties.  We have presented them here in alphabetical order.  Use the drop down under each grouping to purchase the mix you desire. If you want some hints and groupings see our Herbs for Special uses page.

  • Caesar Salad Dressing (#CCDM) -- Make your own traditional Caesar Dressing for a fresh, like a restaurant taste. Does have parmesan cheese with preservatives.
  • Chervil Green Dressing  - This is my version of a green goddess dressing.  Using gentle parsley-like flavor of chervil with the sweet of tarragon and dill combined with thyme and basil it makes a flavor explosion in a creamy dressing.  Blend with tart Greek or regular yogurt and mayo to use as dressing or dip.  Turn this into a traditional Green Goddess dressing by adding anchovy paste to the finished dressing.
  • Cilantro Spread (#CCBM)-- Another butter and spread mixture, this blend contains cilantro for creating a tangy cheese ball or flavored butter.
  • Cinn-ful Dessert Blend (#CSBM)--This multifaceted spice blend helps create pies, fruit compotes, fruit crisps and special muffins. Includes recipes for muffin topping and fruit compote.
  • Fiesta Dip Mix - This mix creates a zesty Southwestern Dip, just mix with sour cream and mayo. Good on tortilla chips and perfect to use creating layered taco salads for the next cookout, potluck or tailgate party.  Can also be sautéed with ground beef for a taco filling that is out of this world.
  • Four Spice Meat Rub (#CSMM) -- This classic spice mixture is given and herb pick-me-up with the addition of savory & thyme to ginger cayenne, black pepper and cloves.
  • Patch French Dressing (#CFDM) -- Create your own flavor-filled French-style vinaigrette Good with salads & as a marinade for beef, chicken, pork & shrimp.

Herb Mixes begining w/C-F $2.35

  • Grilled Meat Rub (#CGMM) -- This inspired herb blend is the flavor companion for any grilled meat.  From pork, to chicken, to beef this blend is fast & easy to use.  Just rub on meats before grilling for a subtle flavor enhancement.  This blend puts marjoram, basil, and oregano with rosemary, tarragon, sage, thyme and savory  which makes it perfect for indoor or outdoor grilling or roasting.  As an added bonus it is totally salt-free!
  • Herbal Spread (#CHSM)-- A versatile blend that makes a good cheese spread, and also an herb butter, herb dip and flavoring for vegetables, pasta sauce & and soup.
  • Horsey Dip (#CHD) -- This spicy dip is perfect with pretzels and chips, but can also be used on vegetables, steak and pot roast.  Just blend with sour cream and mayo.  Combines powdered horseradish root with chives and onion. 
  • Horseradish Spread - Blend this with cream cheese for a party cracker spread or make your own cheese log.  This mix of horseradish, garlic and other herbs has a deep rich flavor.  Great for football parties, holiday entertaining and as a topping on roasts roasts and steaks.

    Herb Mixes begining w/G-I $2.35

  • Salt-free Lemon Chive Salad Dressing -- Mixed with lemon juice, vinegar and oil this salt-free dressing can double as a marinade for chicken and as a pasta toss. Contains: parsley, sugar, paprika, thyme, dry mustard, and black pepper.
  • Lemon-Sage Marinade for Chicken (#CLSM) -- Zesty blend for olive oil that will zip up chicken with little effort with garlic and sage and just a hint of pepper and sage.
  • N'Orleans Secret (Creole Seasoning) (#CCSM) -- With the Spicy BAM like Emeril this spice and herb blend will add zest to anything, but especially some southern dishes. This blend does have salt, along with paprika, garlic, onion, oregano & thyme.
  • Paprika Chicken Rub (#CPCM) -- Sweet paprika makes this a special blend for grilled chicken that goes well with potatoes and summer vegetables.
  • Pesto Blend (#CPBM)-- A great mixture for olive oil that can be tossed with pasta or used on bread.
  • Poppy Seed Dressing (#CPSD)--  This is a brand new blend created for the first time.  It is wonderful on spinach salad, shredded carrots or on a simple green salad tossed with fruit and blue cheese.  Better than a store mix because we use SEA SALT to lower the sodium (it does have sugar).
  • Potato Topper -- Blend this mix with olive oil to create oven-roasted magic with a pound of potatoes (recipe included). Or add to butter or sour cream to top your baked or mashed potatoes.  This blend includes a variety of perfect flavors like thyme, parsley, dill, rosemary, garlic, paprika, and black pepper.  Totally salt-free and you won't even miss it!
Herb Mixes beginning w/L-P $2.35
  • Original Rice Seasoning (#CRSM)-- Available with Chicken or Vegetable Bouillon Add this mixture to any kind of uncooked rice during cooking for easy pilaf! Specify chicken or vegetable!
  • Spanish Rice Seasoning -- This blend of dehydrated vegetables and with onion and seasonings will make a great seasoned rice dish with just the right hint of spice (not hot.)  Just add to rice during cooking.
  • Salsa Mix (#CSM)-- A spice and pepper rich blend to be added to fresh or canned tomatoes to create a tangy salsa. Not very wild! (Also available in Hot & Volcano Hot)
  • Salt-Free Spicy Dressing - The newest addition to our Herb Mix line can be used not only as a dressing or marinade, but also as a meat rub, butter flavoring for vegetables and a sprinkle on salads and eggs.  It has just the right hint of spice but not enough to burn.  The blend contains onion, basil, marjoram, mustard, paprika, garlic, thyme, celery seed, and parsley, are mixed with our special hand-crafted curry powder and a touch of black pepper.
  • Sweet Hot Mustard  (#CSWH) -- A new blend crafted so you can make your own mustard dipping sauce for wings and chips.  Serve Hot or cold.  Contains sugar, mustard, horseradish, dry egg and other seasonings.
  • Tarragon Yogurt Dip (#CTDM) -- This sugar sweetened vegetable dip can also be a salad dressing. The yogurt keeps down on the fat.

    Herb Mixes beginning w/R-Z $2.35

Recipe Combinations.

Pre-measured herbs linked with an easy to follow recipe.  You are given a list of ingredients and step-by-step instructions for making a perfect and easy meal.  Everything is contained in a folded brochure that can even be mailed in a business envelope as a gift.  They sell for $2.75:
  • Basil Pesto Pasta - Using the Backyard Patch Pesto Blend follow a simple recipe for a great meal.
  • Chicken Pesto Pasta -- With an added sauté for chicken, this pasta dish is sure to please.
  • Tater Tot Casserole - Using our flavorful Seasonings this family pleaser is a one dish meal.
  • Mediterranean Seafood - A gentle marinade and you have a great shrimp dish.
  • Chicken Taco Salad - Using our Fiesta Taco Seasoning, this makes a great summertime salad.
  • Ratatouille - With four different herbs, this is a perfectly seasoned all-vegetable dish that uses great summer produce.

State your Recipe $2.75 each


We have some herbs that we sell in bulk.  They are dried and rough crumbled.  Each is packaged in zip seal bags and measure 1/2 cup by volume which is between .5 and 1.25 ounces depending on the herb.  Larger quanities are only available by special order, please contact us via email.  Each herb is priced separately, check the drop down menu for herbs and prices.

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